Aesthetic medicine for men. A guide for men

Aesthetic medicine for men. A guide for men. Do you associate aesthetic medicine only with women’s beauty care? Do you have trouble imagining yourself with a beautician or doctor dealing with stopping the passage of time? Despite the constant taboo that has grown up around this branch of science, men are more and more frequent visitors to aesthetic medicine offices. Do you know which treatments are most often chosen by men?

Aesthetic medicine treatments for men

Gentlemen have been beginning to notice for some time how important it is for their well-being and appearance to take care of their appearance. The revolution on the cosmetic and medical services market began a few years ago, when male skin – so far neglected – began to be treated better. Scientists focused on how to care for men’s skin so that it does not age too quickly. Products dedicated specifically to men are not a whim, but a necessity, because men’s skin differs significantly from women’s skin. It is much thicker, more oily, and the blood vessels are much more densely located in it. Basically, it should be treated differently from women’s skin.

Aesthetic medicine doctors noticed that the gentlemen, in particular, took a liking to botulinum toxin treatment and laser therapy. This is a good lead for anyone looking to stop time and soften facial features. The male face ages more slowly than the female face: only around the age of 30, some changes begin to appear on it, which gradually progress to middle age. Researchers found that most men experience a sudden decrease in facial skin elasticity and deep furrows, while women have a milder process. Therefore, it is important to observe the condition of the skin in an aesthetic medicine office, thanks to which we will not allow deep changes to occur.

Young men see an aesthetic medicine doctor

Gentlemen who are not yet middle age may notice features that indicate the passing of time, but are not yet very visible. Gray or yellow skin and deepened pores can be disfiguring, so it’s worth investing in a procedure or series of treatments that will reverse the course of time. 30. I 40. Year-olds most often decide on treatments that even out the complexion and do not require a long recovery period:

– laser therapy. Men choose it not only because of its popularity, but also because the laser is perfect for the treatment of thicker and couperose skin. This is a great idea for men with, for example, rosacea. Fractional or erbium-yag laser can smooth the skin, eliminate enlarged pores, make the skin prettier and smoother. What matters for men is that there is no evidence that anything they did to the face: the treatment leaves no traces (only requires a few days of recovery with more intense laser power – this is associated with swelling and slight scabs may form on the face however, all these symptoms disappear after a few days, up to a week). The treatment is a great solution for smokers,who complain about the lack of elasticity of the skin and its unsightly color

– Mesotherapy – a treatment that can be performed at almost any time. This type of treatment can be a great idea for people who are planning a trip and want to look better or as a  way to get tired skin (e.g. after the summer season)

Treatments for middle-aged men

– Hyaluronic acid. Gentlemen often complain of large lines on the face, which are formed around 40 years of age. Fortunately, these types of changes can be eliminated with hyaluronic acid, which, when properly applied, straightens wrinkles and moisturizes the skin from the inside. The injection of hyaluronic acid can take just a few minutes and the effects of the treatment are excellent. We can choose from many different types of acid: aesthetic medicine offices often offer their patients fillers from several different manufacturers to choose from, suggesting which one will be the best choice for a particular patient.

– Botulinum toxin – men who deal with high stress often observe changes, which in many cases are the result of stressful work and age. The most common cause of complexes is the so-called “Mars” between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet” around the eyes and “puppets” around the mouth, which absolutely do not add charm to its owner. All these changes can be treated with botulinum toxin, which is a popular botox, which in the right concentration can soothe facial expressions. The doctor who performs the botulinum toxin injection procedure will certainly adjust the amount of botox that is necessary for the patient. Thanks to this preparation, mimic wrinkles will disappear, because botox works in the place where they arise – in the muscle. Botulinum toxin is also used for forehead lines, vertical lines between the eyebrows and for wrinkles around the eyes.Aesthetic medicine doctors also praise him for the effectiveness in the treatment of drooping eyelids and mouth corners.

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